I co-sponsored Referendum 90 and was among its earliest supporters. I was proud to travel across the state circulating petitions to give citizens the right to vote and repeal the extreme, new K-12 sex ed curriculum.  I even wrote the check that paid for the first petitions to be printed. 


ESSB 5395 was passed along a nearly party-line vote in the middle of the night without public input. 


If Jay Inslee has his way, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will enforce an extreme curriculum in every public school in Washington. 


As a father of five, I have always supported local control and educational choice. Parents and local communities should make these important decisions-- not politicians in Olympia. 


Our state deserves a Lt. Governor who will make a difference for families. 


I’m running to represent you and put our state back on the right track. I would be honored to have your write-in vote.

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Click HERE to watch my “Facebook Live” from Olympia on June 10 - the historic day when the R90 signatures were turned in