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Special Session


BOTHELL, WA (March 17, 2020) — Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed today called on Governor Inslee to convene a special session of the Washington State Legislature to take bold action to help those struggling economically during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“The governor needs to call a special session to protect Washington families and small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis,” Joshua Freed said. “The legislature wrapped up last Thursday night and failed to respond to the widespread impact the coronavirus has on working families and small business. That’s outrageous.”

“Olympia has raised billions in new taxes and spent wildly with all the additional revenues that have flowed into the state’s coffers. I am calling on the Governor and legislature to curtail non-essential new spending and to rescind these new taxes to help businesses and workers impacted by these events and small businesses that have been closed or cut back.

“We need to ensure our small businesses make it through this outbreak and employees need to continue receiving their paychecks. We need to do all we can to stop this pandemic starting with making testing kits more readily available, but we must also have an economic response due to the impact of these containment policies. 

“The Governor has no substantive plan to address these issues—which will likely affect more families than the virus itself.”

Joshua Freed is the leading GOP candidate for Governor. Freed has been endorsed by numerous local officials around the state and several elected officials of the Washington State legislature. Freed is a successful entrepreneur and former mayor of the city of Bothell and most recently led the fight against heroin injection sites in King County. He and his wife Lindie, along with their five children live in Bothell. For more information, please visit

We Need A Leader



BOTHELL, WA (March 23, 2020) — In response to the recent reports regarding lack of coronavirus screening at Sea-Tac Airport, Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed said, “Washington State desperately needs a leader who works with their federal partners in a time of crises, not attack them for political points.”


“Lack of proper screening at Sea-Tac airport is a great example of where safety is being compromised. Our governor should spend more time working with Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Patrol in partnership with Washington State Public Health Officials, who have been woefully underfunded by the Inslee administration, to better implement screenings from travelers coming in from foreign countries. This is a porous hole that clearly needs to be addressed if we are going to flatten the curve.”


“It is hard to forget that just two days before our first confirmed coronavirus death, Jay Inslee spent his time taking to Twitter to make cheap shots at the Vice President. Regardless of ideological beliefs, I can’t imagine a scenario where insulting our Vice President during this time helps our cause. We need a leader that has the ability to put partisan politics aside for the betterment of our people. Inslee has proven time and again that he isn’t that person.”

Prioritize Small Business



BOTHELL, WA (March 24, 2020) — In response to Governor Inslee’s press conference Monday evening in which the Governor ordered most of Washington’s residents to stay home for at least two weeks, Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed said, “I am hearing more of the same from our Governor, which is confusing and arbitrary.”


“Make no mistake. Monday’s announcement is an economic blow to every worker in the state with ramifications lasting for a very long time to come.”


Businesses that are not considered “essential to the health and functioning of our community” will be closed down starting Wednesday under Inslee’s order. 


“Washington State will essentially be on pause for the next two weeks and the Governor’s ill-planned, ill-prepared directives, which were announced after normal business hours, completely ignores and underestimates the economic damage this shutdown will cause to our small businesses and employees.” 


“It is incumbent upon everyone to recognize that long after we have defeated this public health threat, we will need a Governor who knows how to create economic opportunities for our small businesses that will be greatly impacted by this order.”


Immediately following the Governor’s Press Conference, Joshua Freed took to Facebook to call on the Governor to freeze the B&O Tax and Property Taxes for Washingtonians as a first step to help ease the burden people are dealing with. 


5 - Point Plan

Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed Pitches a 5-Point “Washingtonians First” Plan to Inslee That Aims to Provide Relief for Workers and Small Businesses


BOTHELL, WA (March 27, 2020) — Leading Gubernatorial candidate, Joshua Freed, today unveiled a strong new economic five-point plan, titled: Washingtonians First Plan,” which aims to provide relief to Washington’s workers and small businesses. Freed is the only candidate running for governor to have put forth a specific plan that helps alleviate economic hardships during the novel coronavirus pandemic. 


“The Governor has no substantive plan to address these issues which will likely affect more families than the virus itself,” said Freed. “We need to do all we can to stop this pandemic, but we must also have a strong economic response before our economy is decimated. Frankly, if Inslee wants to adopt this plan and use it as his own, I’d be completely fine with that.”


Here’s what the Freed’s “Washingtonians First” Plan is calling for:


  1. Business and Occupation (B&O) tax holiday of three months

  2. Rescind any new taxes passed in the 2019-2021 legislative biennium

  3. A property tax deferral until October 31, 2020

  4. Bridge grants to small businesses

  5. Sales tax holiday starting immediately and extending 1-month after quarantine is lifted for retail and the food service industry




BOTHELL, WA (March 25, 2020) — Among several powers authorized to the mayor of Edmonds, a proposed emergency ordinance labeled, ‘Section G’ would allow the current mayor or any future mayor of the city of Edmonds to prohibit the carrying or possession of firearms during an emergency.


“The mayor of Edmonds is using this pandemic as an excuse to deny ordinary law-abiding citizens their second amendment rights whenever he chooses, and I was there last night to speak out against it,” said Freed. “The Constitution and federal law don’t allow it, and neither should law-abiding gun owners.” 


“On one hand, I see a lawless mayor who is recklessly trying to take away second amendment rights, and on the other, a Governor who is stifling your first amendment rights by denying citizens the ability to speak out in defense of themselves. At a time when law enforcement is being encouraged not to arrest criminals, we have to have the ability to protect ourselves. It’s that simple.”


“Our businesses are shutting down. Our workers are losing their jobs and their way of life. Yet, what I am seeing is elected officials dangerously abusing their “emergency powers” on an issue that has no direct or indirect relationship to resource management or financial relief. It is time we get our priorities straight.”


Donations for COVID-19

Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed Encourages Donations to Raise Money for Medical Professionals During COVID-19 Crisis

BOTHELL, WA (March 30, 2020) — Gubernatorial candidate, Joshua Freed, today through his charitable foundation, Globe Leadership, launched a campaign to raise funds to provide medical professionals throughout Washington State with N95 masks, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”).


“One-hundred percent of proceeds from this effort will directly provide much needed equipment for our medical professionals on the front-lines everyday,” said Freed. “Our nurses and doctors are truly heroic in their efforts to help combat this terrible pandemic, and I wanted to provide a resource for those in need from those of us that are willing to help. This is the perfect way to do that.”


Freed and his family, through Globe Leadership, have helped start health centers overseas, drilled wells to serve over 2,000 tribal members in Kenya, and built over 150 homes for the poverty-stricken in the Philippines following a devastating earthquake. In the wake of the novel coronavirus, Globe Leadership, a 501(c)(3), launched this charitable effort for folks to help do their part. 


Those interested in donating are asked to go directly to: According to Freed, you can donate one mask for just $2 (prices are subject to vary). Donations are tax deductible. 

School Closure

Inslee’s Reactionary Approach to School Closure is Hurting our Families, our Children

BOTHELL, WA (April 07, 2020) — Governor Inslee extended his closure of all public and private K-12 schools statewide Monday through the end of the school year. Children who do not have access to the internet or students with disabilities who must be served under federal law will be left out in the cold. 


Gubernatorial Candidate, Joshua Freed, responded saying, “Our governor’s premature and misguided declaration to shut down schools for the remainder of the year will undoubtedly jeopardize the educational, physical, and even emotional welfare of children all across our state.” 


“Our Governor has sent the school community scrambling to figure out solutions on how to best educate our children from home with virtually no time to adapt,” Freed continued.  “The Inslee approach to everything is to govern from the top-down. A Freed administration will address things differently, from the bottom-up, and in this case, starting with the very people his decision has affected the most - teachers, parents, and children.”


“It is critical that we ensure learning continues after schools close. I have always supported education choice. Parents, not the government, should decide what educational setting best fits their child’s needs. Times like these make it more important than ever to participate in the debate.”

5-Point Plan for Education

Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed 
Releases Bold and Innovative 5-Point Plan for Education during COVID-19

BOTHELL, WA (April 07, 2020) — The COVID-19 challenge is unprecedented and it's scale still is not understood. Holding schools accountable and how school leaders serve students on a daily basis has changed. With this in mind, Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed today announced a five-point plan to address education through distance learning.


"The biggest thing we're lacking when it comes to distance learning is vision and leadership from the top. We need someone who can inspire parents, teachers, and students collectively. Sadly, that isn't Jay Inslee," said Freed.


"As a father of five, I have always supported education choice. Parents, not the government, should decide what educational settings best fits their child’s needs. Times like these make it more important than ever to participate in the debate."


Freed’s "Excellence in Education" Plan includes the following five points:


Innovate and Adapt:  Internet/connectivity is an important tool but the absence of it should not be an excuse for schools not to do their work and for kids not to learn. Schools need to be prepared for no-tech or low-tech options. Take-home packets of reading and writing assignments are a good idea for some areas. Being creative and adapting in this time of need is imperative for the future of our children.


Vision and Goals Defined: The State of Washington must provide families and students with clearly defined goals around education while school buildings are closed. K-12 education takes up over half of our state budget – parents, taxpayers and the community deserve accountable plans for what distance learning will look like, including our rural communities, which too often are cut out of these conversations. These plans should include ample opportunity to provide feedback on what’s working, support for teachers to do their jobs, collaboration with tech and connectivity industry experts in tech, and recourse for students who aren’t provided education options.


Bold Leadership: Distance learning while schools are closed won’t look the same for every student. Students with disabilities will need their supports and services delivered using different models. Teachers who are new to online learning will need help transitioning to this new platform. And parents – many of whom are trying to work from home – will need guidance on how to navigate this new way of learning. Our state needs and our families deserve bold leadership that helps every student and supports all teachers. Washington is home to tremendous talent and creativity – now is the time to harness that potential and re-orient how we educate our students.


Prepare for the Inevitable: Federal, state, and local policymakers should start preparing for immediate and longer-term challenges that COVID-19 poses and apply those lessons in the future. As we enter this new phase in the state and country, we need to be prepared for more outbreaks. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Being better prepared for distance learning and from a technological perspective in the future is critical.


Help for Families: Families should receive $2,000 out of the unused education budget for 2020 to help with tools such as: tutoring, laptop computers, internet access, curricula and other resources to get through the school year and even into the summer.

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