There is only one candidate for Governor who has consistently and effectively championed the values we hold. Because of his consistent commitment, Joshua Freed has our enthusiastic and unequivocal support for Governor. Joshua not only shares our values; he is on the front lines fighting for the issues we all care about and he can win!

           2020 is a rare opportunity to have a real contest and finally elect a governor we can count on to stand up for the values of people of faith and who will help take back our state and put it on the right path.

           Joshua doesn’t just talk — he backs his words up with actions. He and his family have helped start health centers overseas, drilled wells to serve over 2,000 tribal members in Kenya, and built over 150 homes for the poverty-stricken in the Philippines following a devastating earthquake. Joshua and his wife Lindie, along with their five children, recognize the rich blessings of living in this great state and, through their service, they have developed a passion dedicated to helping those who need it most.

          Joshua’s humble heart has led him to pursue a life of service to others — leading relief trips overseas, serving the homeless & drug-addicted, leading his community on the city council, and being the sole voice who stood up and stopped government-run heroin injection sites. Joshua has improved, defended, and saved lives.

          Joshua co-sponsored Referendum 90 to repeal the extreme, new K-12 sex-ed curriculum — he even wrote the check that paid for the petitions to be printed.

          And Jay Inslee backed down when Joshua challenged his unconstitutional executive order that allowed marijuana stores to be open but prohibited religious gatherings.


          Please join us in voting for Joshua Freed for Governor — our state deserves a leader who will make a difference. It deserves a leader with a servant’s heart. And we deserve a candidate of his quality — who has what it takes to win — to lead us into the future.

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten

Pastor Emeritus

Cedar Park Church


Dan L. Kennedy

Co-Host Life Talk NW

President, CERC USA

Former CEO, Human Life of Washington


Dr. Dan Hammer

Senior Apostolic Leader

Sonrise Christian Center


Rev. Daniel J. Secrist

Olympia, Washington

Rev. Dwaine & Joel Wolfe

New Horizon Christian Center

Fife, Washington

Rev. Cliff Smalley

Cottage Lake Assembly

Dr. Craig Gorc

West Seattle Campus Leader

Eastridge Church

Faith Leaders for Joshua Freed

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P.O. Box 2141
Bothell, WA 98041