Meet Joshua

As a small business owner, Joshua Freed understands the tenacity it takes to tackle challenges.

Joshua’s experience as a leader in small business, local government, and helping those in need make him uniquely qualified to tackle the biggest challenges facing our state. He founded his real estate company with the vision of developing strong communities for families. He launched his company at the beginning of the worst economic downturn our country had seen since the Depression, building five homes per year. He grew the business during the Great Recession into one of the premier locally owned homebuilders in the Puget Sound region.

Joshua is a proud, lifelong Washingtonian. He was born at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, graduated from Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, and married his college sweetheart, Lindie, a year after they graduated from Seattle Pacific University. As the son of a nurse and a federal service diplomat, he has a lifelong passion to serve his local and global communities.

Joshua was elected to the Bothell City Council in 2005 and, later, was chosen by his colleagues to lead the city as mayor where he oversaw the greatest revitalization of a downtown in Washington history with a remarkable $450 million in private investment. During his time as mayor, Joshua worked with his fellow councilmembers to make large investments that protected open space and cleaned up long-ignored environmental issues—while giving tax relief to those who needed it.

He also served on the King County Mental Health Advisory Board to ensure county government gave our neighbors, who are struggling, the critical resources that they need.

When King County announced plans to further imperil those with drug addiction by building heroin injection sites, Joshua stood up for our most vulnerable and persuaded local officials in nearly 20 cities and counties to ban these dangerous sites in their communities and, instead, focus precious public resources on helping people break the cycle of addiction.

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Joshua and Lindie Freed are college sweethearts and have been married for 23 years.

Helping those who need it

Joshua and his family have helped start health centers overseas, drilled wells to serve over 2,000 tribal members in Kenya, and built over 150 homes for the poverty-stricken in the Philippines following a devastating earthquake. 


He has also served on several boards including the International Deaf Education Association, Protect-a-Child Today, and Vital Solutions.


Joshua and Lindie recognize the rich blessings of living in this great community and, through their service, they have developed a passion dedicated to helping those who need it most.


And it is this dedication to giving back and making his community a better and more just place that has led Joshua to announce his write-in campaign to be our next Lt. Governor.


Washington is a great state with outstanding people but our state government is the weak link, often failing those it has been charged to help. Instead, Olympia is focused on making life even more comfortable for those who are already doing fine.


When traffic becomes unmanageable, Olympia carves out special lanes for those who can afford to pay a $10 toll to move quickly through gridlock.


Schools in wealthy neighborhoods are well-funded while educational choices are simply denied for low income communities.


The most vulnerable among us are ignored and forgotten. People have been left to live on the streets, those struggling with drug addiction are cast aside and our state’s mental hospital—the last hope for our most afflicted neighbors— is so dangerously mismanaged that it was decertified by the federal government.


Income inequality is worsening with the poor and middle class struggling to get by as the Governor raises their taxes to pay for back room deals he strikes with big campaign donors out of the public’s eye.

Our State government needs to change.

Joshua is committed to being the most transparent Lt. Governor in Washington history.
Joshua and his family have started health centers and recently drilled wells for 2,000 tribal members in Kenya.
Joshua and his family have been volunteering in the Philippines for over 20 years.

Putting people first

Joshua Freed will be a Lt. Governor who finally puts those in need first, and puts an end to the special interests rule in Olympia. He is committed to being the most transparent Lt. Governor in Washington history by negotiating state contracts in public and making legislators adhere to the same open public meetings rules our local governments abide by.

He is going to apply the same innovation and creativity that made him a successful business owner to address homelessness, drug addiction, and the other unique challenges our state faces.

It’s time to get state government back on track. To help those who are suffering. To increase transparency and accountability. And to put an end to policies that favor the few at the expense of the many.

Join Joshua Freed to make it happen!

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