Robin Ball

Owner of Sharpshooting Indoor Range in Spokane

"I have not weighed in on my endorsement for governor yet as I have looked long and hard at each candidate. Joshua Freed was the first I met in person and I liked him instantly. That is not reason enough to vote for someone. I have watched the fundraising efforts of all, the social media controversies that develop, and the way in which the campaigns have been run. I have worked on and been involved with many statewide races. I have chaired campaigns and helped. Freed’s team has done a better job on their efforts than any of the others. On the gun issue, for which I care deeply and have help with for 25 years, Candidates not completing the NRA questionnaire is not a deal breaker but a marker for me. Campaigns are chaos. They get missed. And not usually because they see it as the Kiss of death, and sometimes because they are afraid of the liberal side. Doesn’t matter and is not reason to kick a candidate to the curb. Those of my friends who know me , know I have been very involved with many issues and have traveled to Olympia at my expense dozens and dozens of times. Most commissions are volunteer so quit complaining about tax dollars until you know. This commission gives me hope. What I do know is Josh is a passionate gun owner. His intent is to give us a voice. My hope is it gives gun owners an outlet to get on offense instead of always playing defense. Inspired idea. Joshua Freed will have a battle against Inslee if he gets through the primary. He has my support. I am off the fence. Get ballots in now. Don’t wait, none of us know what tomorrow will bring. To Joshua and his campaign, prayers for you all, I know and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

P.S. the A rating is because he understands the issue and didn’t give NRA any stupid answers. The questions are complicated for a reason. The + only comes if you have a legislative voting record."

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